Journaling to pacify

Writing a journal has been two things for me.

  1. In my teenage years it was an emotional outlet, a way to pacify overwhelming emotions, stress and anxiety, because I was badly bullied at school for 3 long years. After that period had passed, I read some of the pages back at random, and it gave me the power to acknowledge how I’d grown strong from that place.
  2. In my early adult years it was a tool for personal reflection and exploring new lines of thinking. At a time when you’re trying to answer those ‘meaning of life?’, ‘who am I?’ questions, it was a way of centering my thoughts, reconnecting with them in a positive, mind-cleansing way, and, for me specifically, it provided a safe vulnerability outlet for many years.

Now, I must say, my life and who I am is more clear to me than ever. And the bits that aren’t, I’m ok with finding along the way. Now I’m more of a list writing person. Future goals, in-the-moment ideas, insights into myself – capturing any thought is a form of journaling, and it helps me top up my personal clarity when things might be a little unsettled.

I’d recommend it to anyone who needs a healthy, easy accessible and affordable outlet, anytime.

P.s. a smart diary is a pretty lovely Christmas gift too 🙂

Emily x


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