Staying well in winter

Although I’m not for want of information about how to stay well in winter, it’s wading through all there is, and knowing the right things to do, for me.

Having had the flu and a subsequent cold in the space of 2 months, I’ve been seriously lax in keeping myself well this season!

So, in my sheer annoyance at the second bout of illness, I did my research to speed up my recovery, and limit the likelihood of coming down with other viruses being sneezed and spluttered at me on the overground when I was better!

So here’s my advice for..

Staying well:

  • Get the flu jab – seriously, find the time. This is the first year I’ve worked for a Company that don’t just provide it as a given, to staff. I thought, nah it’ll be fine. And nah, it wasn’t.
  • Layer up – Especially, wear a scarf, and try and keep your nose warm.
  • Hydrate – hot and cold liquids. I like fruit and herbal teas that don’t contain sugar or caffeine – too much sugar and caffeine can slow your recovery if you’re ill. In particular, ginger, peppermint and lemon are all great ones to try. Also, if plain water isn’t your thing, then a sugar-free squash is the answer.
  • Rest! – even if you’re not unwell, you need to rest when you can, to allow your body and mind time to relax in between battling the stresses of work and life, as well as the seasonal elements of the cold and wet weather!
  • Baths – total chill. If you’re like me and you don’t want to just sit in the quiet, then put on a podcast, or audio-book. Nothing too intense though! A few candles.. heaven.

And, if you’re unwell:

  • First thing in the morning you feel the worst! I take a pain killer first thing. It’s my only “non-natural” remedy when I’m ill. I stay clear of tablet medication the remainder of the day (unless I have a migraine, when something strong is most definitely needed!)
  • Honey, or liquid gold! – It contains antioxidants, gives you energy and helps you sleep. It’s also a natural antiseptic that will help sooth and heal a sore throat. Stir it into hot water, and enjoy. (Try not to drink or eat too much sugar in general, as this can slow recovery.)
  • Face steaming – sounds weird, but it’s absolutely amazing to be able to breath again if you have a stuffy cold! Stir half a teaspoon of Vix or suchlike, into a basin with a bit of boiling water in it. Put your head over it (not in it, of course!!) and put a towel over your head and the basin to trap in the steam. Breathe in, and wait as the vapours do their magic 🙂 (just be careful not to keep your eyes open when your breathing in the stream, as the vapour can make them feel sensitive).
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and excessive sugar.
  • Hold a hot water bottle over your nose like a nose strip, to try and sooth the inflammation.
  • Vaseline will stop your face getting chapped.
  • Rest, hydrate, repeat, in the warm.

Take care.

Emily x


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